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Peter BetBasoo
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Title Date
Symphony No. 4 in A Major - Orchestra
I - Allegro
II - Moderato
III - Scherzo
IV - Allegro
January 6, 2023
Always As Was - Orchestra

Happy birthday, Ludwig.
December 17, 2020
Milonga Almania

Theme by Joerg Schlatterer. Arrangement for piano and strings by Peter BetBasoo.
September 16, 2018
Cimmerian Times - Orchestra

Cimmerian Times
July 13, 2018 AD (6768 AY)
Far, far north
In the land of the white bruin
There is a lone wolf crying
There is a wind which pierces glaciers
There is a desert of snow
There is a mountain of ice
There is a whale song in the distance
There is a dancing spirit of light
But it is unseen
It is unheard
It is unfelt
For there is darkness which is overwhelming
Silence which is deafening
Numbness which is cruel
There is shadow that engulfs
Where no light can thrive
Even man's artificial light
Where no warmth can prevail
Even man's fire
Where no heart can burn
Even when in a multitude
And inflamed with love
In this desert of snow
There is no water
There is shadow and darkness
Which surrender only
To the union of love
September 9, 2018
Symphony No. 3 in E Major - Orchestra
I - Allegro
II - Lento
III - Scherzo
IV - Allegro
December 31, 2017
Symphony No. 2 in D Minor - Orchestra

For the Assyrian and Yazidi victims of ISIS.
I - Allegro (strife)
II - Adagio (death and funeral)
III - Andante (hope)
IV - Allegro (defiance)
April 30, 2016
Beatrix - Orchestra December 17, 2015
Mother Assyria - Orchestra

Ashur - Tigris and Euphrates - Nineveh - Semiramis - Ishtar and Tammuz - Ashur
December 6, 2014
The New Assyrian - Orchestra

In memory of Ninos Aho
July 17, 2013
Symphony No. 1 in A Major - Orchestra
I - Allegro non troppo
II - Scherzo
III - Andante
IV - Allegro grandioso
July 9, 2013
Für sie - Strings

For Her
June 27, 2013
Melancholy Thinker - String Quartet

Portrait of a friend.
April 11, 2012
God's Answer - Orchestra

Sometimes God gives us the answer we don't want to hear.
September 30, 2011
Sonata No. 2 - Piano
I - Allegro
II - Minuet and Trio
III - Rondo
August 27, 2011
Festival of the Saints (Shahra) - Orchestra

From Tur Abdin to Hakkary in Turkey, from Alqosh in Iraq to Urmi in Iran, the spirits of the Assyrian saints -- St. Gabriel, St. Zayya, St. George, St. Shalita -- soar over the mountains and deliver the Lord's blessings to all Assyrians. Come boys and girls, let us go to the festival of the saints, 'tis the day of singing and dancing and hopping! Hurry my love, for time passes and I wish to see you at the festival standing as tall and proud as a minaret.
June 6, 2010
Vals de Silvina - Orchestra

Para Silvina Valz
October 29, 2008
Song For Cello August 16, 2005
The Keener - Trumpet and Piano September 23, 2005
Sonata No. 1 - Piano May 14, 2005
Nahee's Waltz - Piano April 6, 2005
Malikta Shamiram

Linda George, vocals
January 7, 1992
March of the Assyrian Women - Guitar December 10, 1987